"Don't call it a roadmap"
Ok so it's not actually a roadmap: it's a to-do list, in no particular order, with no particular timeline. This is how we work: as fast as we can, on the things we can. Pivoting is a way of life.

Full Site Rework

    New homepage
    Personal dashboard
    Improved UX
    Faster site
    Mobile friendly
    New navigation system

MOK Staking

    MOK Staking
    Core Pools
    Community Pools: Host BSC community project Pools, support with 0.1-0.2x MOK farms

Other products

    Voting (core feature)
    IFO (Initial Farm Offering): Raise funds for your project in MOK-BNB LP tokens. After redeeming the LP tokens, the BNB is distributed to the project and the MOK is burned.
    Analytics (core feature)
    Lending & Borrowing: Lend and borrow BSC and LP tokens - MOK provides rate discount
    Margin Trading: Trade BSC tokens with leverage on-chain β€” periodic MOK buyback and burn
    NFT Ecosystem: Mint, trade, and more β€” all paid in MOK
      First NFT round
    NFT-based Gamification: Complete tasks, level up etc. to earn NFTs β€” use MOK to mint
    Binary Options
    Fixed-term Staking
    Customizable User Profile
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